Mobile Sales

21 August 2014

In the modern world successful is one who comes up with the times. And at the disposal of the business there are more and more tools to improve the quality of service and optimize employee productivity. Our application "Mobile sales" on the Android platform - is exactly the case

All that you will need to register clients and prepare sales orders are tablet, printer and Internet connection . There is no need to spend time to complete the questionnaire with the further transfer of the same data to the computer, your manager will require a minimum number of keystrokes. The system reads all the necessary information from identity card (and other documents), and fills the fields of the registration form in. The time spent on registration is ten times shorter and it also excludes the possibility of random errors. The same principle operates mobile sales system. When the client has made the decision, the manager creates a sales document, selects a desired item and the order information immediately gets into the accounting system. It remains only to print the invoice, warranty card and fiscal receipt

Our application allows you to deploy mobile sales without having a large trade area and improves the performance of the sales manager.

Make sure that the application "Mobile Sales" is exactly what you need, whatching our animated video which demonstrates the real process


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